Conditions which are necessary for implementation by client of operations on current account:

  • availability of a current account opened in the Bank;
  • formation of payment document (order) on conducting operations in accordance with requirements of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (payment order, application for transfer of foreign currency, application for conversion, etc.);
  • when conducting payments and money transfers, which are exchange operations in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is necessary to provide documents in accordance with requirements of  currency legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

You can conduct the following operations on current accounts opened in the Bank:

  • money transfers within the Bank or to other banks ( in tenge and foreign currency);
  • payment for purchased and delivered goods, equipment, industrial products, performed works, rendered services;
  • for payment of pension contributions to accumulative pension funds;
  • for payment of mandatory social contributions to the Fund of mandatory social insurance;
  • for the purpose of payment of taxes and other mandatory payments to the budget;
  • for other purposes which do not contrary to legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • conversion (purchase/sale) of non-cash foreign currency;
  • operations with cash (transferring money to current account and withdrawing money from current account).

Cost of services

Bank charges commission for conducting operations on a current account according to the Bank’s tariffs.