Safe Deposit

Services of Safe Boxes Lease

«AB «KZI Bank» Central office and  the Branch in Aktau city offer thier clients modern and reliable way of keeping tangibles in individual safe boxes.

You have sold real estate and do not know where to keep documents and money?

You want to keep your valuables and money during vacation?

Then use the service of safe storage! We are happy to meet you at our bank!

The Bank is responsible for integrity of safe, guarantees safety of your valuables and ensures privacy of their storage. Reliable fireproof safes, noctidial safeguard and safe depository (depository) itself has four frontiers of protection.


Reliability - access to the safe deposit box upon presentation by leaseholder of permit, key (has no duplicates) and document certifying identity. Inability to access the box without key, which is in your possession.

Privacy - absence of any reports on the subject of storage, anonymity of all operations.

Security - noctidial safeguard, Bank depositary equipped with modern security systems.

Convenience - ability to use equipment for re-count and authentication of money, provision of storage containers.

Wide selection - safe deposit boxes of various sizes for convenient placement of tangibles.

«AB «KZI Bank» Central office and the Branch in Aktau city guarantee complete confidentiality – you are the only person who knows what you store in individual safe box.


  • individuals
  • legal entities
  • residents and non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Content of safes

Things that can be stored in safe box:

  • valuables
  • cash
  • securities
  • documents on property / about education / business papers, etc.
  • family values
  • state awards
  • personal correspondence

Things that cannot be stored in safe box:

  • explosive, flammable, toxic, radioactive, narcotic and other substances that may have harmful effects on humans and environment
  • firearms, ammunition, etc.

Lease terms

  • from 1 day to 3 years
  • opportunity of prolongation

Sizes of safes

  • small safes

height      width     depth
13,5               24,5           44,5

  • medium safes

height     width       depth
19,5              24,5            44,5

  • large safes

height     width     depth
39,3             24,5           44,5

Access to safe

  • from 9.15 to 17.00 (working days)

Disclosure of information about client and contents of its safe deposit box can be conducted only on the grounds provided by legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and contract of lease of safe deposit box. For more information you can call:   +7 (727) 244-92-28 , +7 (727) 244-40-00