Payment of loans during the state of emergency

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As you know in Kazakhstan there is a restriction on fines and penalties on loans during the state of emergency. Throughout the country, this regime will last until January 19, 2022.


In order to support the population and business on January 10 this year the The Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of Financial Market adopted an order on granting deferments of payments on loans of individuals and legal entities affected by the state of emergency. During the state of emergency a restriction on accrual of fines and penalties in case of arrears on loans was imposed.

The Bank suspends payments on the principal debt and interest on loans (hereinafter - deferral of payments on the loan) of a borrower in case of objective reasons of deterioration of their financial condition or damage caused during the period of the state of emergency.

The Bank evaluates the impact of emergency situation on the borrower's financial position and operations on an individual basis.

The Bank provides a deferral of payments on the loan from 5 January, 2022, for a period determined by the Bank in agreement with the borrower, based on the results of the assessment of their financial condition.

Deferment of payments on the loan is provided on the basis of the borrower's application, drawn up in any form, containing the reason for deferment of payments on the loan, accompanied by the documents, confirming the deterioration of financial condition.

The application can be submitted to the Bank until April 4, 2022.

Overdue debt can be repaid in the following ways:

- By replenishing the current account for the necessary amount in cash desks of branches and offices of the Bank;

- transferring to account opened in KZI Bank from accounts of other banks.

For more information borrowers can call by phone +7 (727) 2444-000 - from city phone number.

If necessary, you can apply for deferment by e-mail or by hand to the branches and subsidiaries of the Bank

Get acquainted with the order of "The Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of Financial Market"  № 8 of 10.01.2022 click here: