KZİ Bank signed an agreement with “Damu” Fund!

KZİ Bank and the "Damu" Entrepreneurship Development Fund signed a loan agreement for 5 billion tenge, which will be aimed at promoting the development of small and medium-sized businesses in priority sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan economy within the framework of the DAMU Regions - 3 program. The program was developed to finance priority regional projects of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as providing the opportunity to apply for subsidies and / or guarantees within the framework of the State Program for Support and Development of Business "Business Road Map 2025"


KZİ Bank becomes a new participant in state programs to support entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan. The Bank plans to realize the first loans by the end of the year. Development of up to 2 billion tenge is planned in the near future.


According to the terms of lending, the bank can direct funds for investments, for replenishment of working capital and refinancing of existing obligations of borrowers, previously aimed at investments and (or) replenishment of working capital.


Terms of loans for investments no more than 7 years, for replenishment of working capital no more than 3 years.

The nominal interest rate on the Loan is 14% per annum, with the possibility of applying for subsidies and reducing the rate to 6%.


Amount per borrower up to 750 million tenge.