Current accounts

According to the Agreement of Accession on the opening of a current account of an individual and a legal entity, on the issuance and use of a debit payment card of the international payment system, approved by the decision of the Board of Directors No. 896 dated 05/18/2022, we inform the following, the Bank has the right to close the Account(s) without the Client's application in case there is no money in the Account(s) more than 1 (one) year according to clause 8.20 of the above mentioned agreement ( 

According to Article 29, paragraph 7 of the Law "On Payments and Payment Systems" of the Republic of Kazakhstan, if there is no money in the client's bank account, the Bank has the right to refuse to execute the bank account agreement and close the accounts after 3 months from the date of notification by the Bank of the refusal. 

Fees for maintaining and closing current accounts are paid in accordance with the Bank's tariffs. If you have any questions or objections about closing accounts, we ask you to notify the Bank in written form or to make a financial transaction on the account. 

Thank you for your attention.